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Sito di informazione turistica


The Simeto is the main river of Sicily in the size of its water basin and for its water flow; this river borns inside the Nebrodi Mountains and flows into the Ionian Sea under the gaze of the great volcano Etna, collecting the waters of several tributaries.

The Oasis of the river Simeto was established in 1975 in order to protect the river mouth and the vast wetland, which encourages birdlife which is among the richest in Sicily; it's surrounded by small dunes that have a great natural and scenic interest.

The wetland oasis Simeto is extremely important for the ecosystem because it represents one of the necessary stop in the routes of many species of migratory birds.



Leave the noise of the city to enter the 'Oasis Simeto, creates an alchemy that only nature can create; It means finding the time for long walks, in mountain bike, in horseback, for an immediate waking up of the five senses.

The look is lost in a landscape where there are along the mighty walls of Mount Etna and the blue sea waves lapping on the beach of the Oasis of the Simeto, surrounded by a vast expanse of cultivated fields.

The Educational Room is located into the Multifunctional Center Torre Allegra, located inside the Oasis Simeto, and is the seat of interactive workshops for children and adults, created to discover the ecosystem.



Visitors immersed in a dense vegetation of marsh cane, tamarisk and olive, hear echoes and sounds emitted by birds that inhabit this natural habitat whose ecosystem never stops to surprise.

From sky to ground, a great variety of birds chooses the Oasis of Simeto for nesting; also the Caretta Caretta turtle has made its Domus in the heat of the sand.

The protagonist of the Oasis is the Purple Swaphen but also other mammals such Wild Rabbit, House Mouse, Wild Mouse, weasels and foxes. Along the river between vegetation you may catch sight of the moorhen, coot, bittern.



The Nature Reserve Oasis Simeto with its marsh ecosystem, is the ideal environment for migratory birds such as the white heron, the gray heron, glossy ibis, the shelduck, egret, night heron, spoonbill, the pied stilt.

It is not difficult to see through the vegetation, Cetti's warbler, the Kentish plover, the sardinian warbler, the blackcap, the great tit, goldfinch, stonechat, and then the marsh harrier and the common kestrel.



Barefoot or not, walking along the beach of the Oasi surrounded by hundreds of gulls that shape the sky, you can go searching for Amber of Simeto, a famous and prestigious fossilized tree resin.